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Super Large & Stable

Dinchen has successfully developed above weight of 1500g of MIM industry of large size, large weight parts, and the size of the deformation control in 0.1% or less, it becomes the MIM industry of major technological breakthrough.

Specialized Service

Dinchen has established a good complete brand team and institutionalized service process, the offer you need negotiation and consultation, product development and improvement, mold design and optimization, the product is made and control, on time delivery and response, professional and efficient service and so on six big sincere service.

Grand Vision

Dinchen promotes the MIM technology rising and falling of MIM product cost is the foundation of the enterprise, in line with the optimal price for the customer to provide the most competitive products for the mission, and strive to move forward, strengthen ourselves and customers.

Research and Development Innovation

Dinchen has focused on the MIM industry 15 years, the national high and new technology enterprise, the successful research and development of various kinds of more than 1000 kinds of products, involving 8 industries and 5 categories ,more than 20 species of material mark, obtain more than 20 patents.

Standardization Management

Dinchen has passed the TS16949:2009 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, GJB9001-2009 standard management system certification, standardization management for the enterprise operation.

Cost optimization

Dinchen has the international leading technology of powder mixed with the feedstock factory, MIM products raw materials completely self-sufficient. MIM technology advantage and standardization of the management process, to ensure efficient operation of production, thus all aspects to provide clients with optimal price.

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Shandong Dinchen New Material Co., Ltd, located in Binhai Economic Development Zone, Weifang the Kite City, Shandong, China, is China’s first specialized high-tech companies engaged in the R&D, production and sales of the metal injection molding (MIM) products that are widely used in aerospace, armaments, rail transit systems, auto manufacturing, electronic communications, medical instruments, cutting tools and other industries.

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